Under big Montana skies

A Solid Foundation

At Meyer Natural Foods, the foundation for the future rests firmly on sustainable business principles dating back to the purchase and establishment of the Ranch in Helmville, Montana in 1990. Early on, management practices were designed to nourish and enhance the Ranch’s natural resources while respecting the needs of the environment.

A Pasture and Stream at Meyer Company Ranch Composite of Meyer Company Ranch grounds with trees, deer, and cows

Over time, over grazed native grasslands, forests, and meadows were brought back to a healthy state, and wildlife came back in abundance. Meyer Natural Foods is dedicated to maintaining these wholesome business principles exemplified in the early Ranch operations as we continue to expand into national and international markets.


Ranching the Humane Way

From inception, breeding and raising protocols were initiated emphasizing the humane handling of cattle. We set guidelines that implemented new industry standards and optimal genetics for naturally raised beef.

A cowboy herding Meyer Red Angus cattle in a lush, green, bright grassy pasture. Three Meyer Red Angus cattle behind a wooden fence at the Meyer Company Rach. divider

Under The Big Montana Skies

Our cattle are strict vegetarians and forage naturally on native grasses, supplemented with vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal health. Pasture rotation is also practiced which allows for the regeneration of the soil. Our cattle drink fresh water from snow fed mountain streams and lakes.

Cattle drinking water at a fresh stream. A cowboy herding cattle on the range of Meyer Company Ranch. Blackfoot Valley in Montana scenic with purple and gold flowers with deep blue sky and clouds. divider

Natural Throughout, The Meyer Way

A true, premium quality product is achieved by utilizing the Meyer philosophy of ethical attitudes toward the land and its precious wildlife.

Various bird species of the Blackfoot Valley in Montana.

Careful husbandry also ensures that humane animal treatment and sound land stewardship is good for the environment and business as well.


From the Ranch to the Table

Based on solid principles, the growth of Meyer Company Ranch over the last 28 years is a testament to the importance of the sustainable business practices embodied in every aspect of the Meyer Natural Foods operations, from the Ranch to our customers tables.

Red Angus cow behind some pine trees divider